In the first time to enter the Chinese market, Louis Vuitton’s first consumers – those who are commonly known as the country’s first wealthy people, mostly sudden outbreak of businessmen, their worship of the logo and crazy consumption, so Louis Vuitton hanging The “upstart”, “no taste” label.

Louis Vuitton is one of the earliest luxury brands praised by China’s upstart, which makes it tasted the sweetness, and the current consumption of the transition period, it has tasted the sweetness of the bitter fruit – the overdraft of the iconic design, In the minds of consumers in the mind has deviated from the original intention of the brand, when the brand’s iconic design to become a common element in the market, it has actually lost the luxury brand value.

In the personalized brand of endless mobile Internet era, the luxury market began to show a sluggish form. China’s first-tier cities (including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc.) only 18.8% of the respondents said, Louis Vuitton is their first choice for the purchase of luxury goods, and in the second and third tier cities, the figure was 38.8%. In the 1227 foreign travelers survey, only 10.7% of the respondents said that in a recent trip to buy Louis Vuitton products, this figure compared to 2014 decreased by 15.5%. It can be seen that when a thing is too popular, it also indicates that it will be derived from the phenomenon of resistance or even disgust.

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