Beijing guest is Hung, she is the fashion magazine “world city ilook” publisher, is also the original design concept store in China BNC mint glutinous rice onion investors. Louis Vuitton wrote in the city guide: “In the Chinese business field, such a bold person is extremely rare, let alone in the art of her grandfather is a close friend of Chairman Mao, he witnessed the new China’s birth. “Shining the first set of physical background put out, this way it is very Chinese.

But in fact put aside the background of high dry children, she is not a casual generation. She went to New York in 1973 and studied at Vassar College, where her classmates were the sons of celebrities such as Bob Dylan and Horowitz. In this place, people were often more likely to find ways of self-realization, or Will become more brave. She went to Beijing after the first consultation work, until 2001, an American friend invited her to take over “Time Out Beijing”, a brink of collapse free monthly, Hung began to do the media, or is the entrepreneur it. She said, “I was then ignorant fearless.” Greatly, she gave her company “an image that can enjoy life with the heart, while still providing a creative lifestyle for others.”

I particularly like her to say: “In the future, the younger generation will decide for themselves what kind of people they want to be, and they can do it.” She came to introduce Beijing to be quite right, she met many years ago in Beijing, in the world Pocket a big circle, and back to today’s Beijing, from her perspective of Beijing, should be very decent. Oh yes, I know her first husband is Chen Kaige, she married a lot of times, still romantic.

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