Do not look at the iPhone only when the simple smart phone Oh, it is now the letter of the fashion industry, but also blessed by the quality of science and technology. Once Apple introduced new products, in addition to fans, the most exciting and fashion brands and designers, because they have a new series of reasons (to 3C products to wear fashion coat). In Louis Vuitton’s 2017 spring and summer show, creative director Nicolas Ghesquière for the iPhone 7 to design a hi hi phone shell.

The media has predicted Louis Vuitton this phone shell will be this year’s spring and summer, “most want to have a single product,” inspired by the Petite Malle mini handbag and with the classic Monogram pattern, inlaid with K gold rivets, work simply with Petite Malle package exactly the same The The price part is also incredibly expensive, iPhone 7 version pricing 9050 yuan (7 Plus is 9600 yuan), and in mid-January listing, Mark about.

In fact, for fashion brands, accessories are often important business, mobile phone shell is seen as the future growth point. Moschino may be the first hype up, starting from the fall and winter 2014, 41-year-old creative director Jeremy Scott McDonald’s fries and children’s lunch boxes made of mobile phone shell, in one fell swoop to popular culture popular high-end fashion category, star friends are In the social platform to help push the waves behind.

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