French classic luxury brand Louis Vuitton and street tide Supreme recent cooperation is a hot topic on social media, initially this is just a rumor, originated in Louis Vuitton men creative director Kim Jones published in Instagram a picture, but he soon Delete this picture, may be false, it may be marketing means.

Coincidentally, last week Dior men creative director Kris Van Assche also published in the Instagram a picture: the Dior brand name and Nike’s iconic Logo fusion, then the same will be deleted.

Kris Van Assche used graphic artist Hey Reilly (famous for spoofing brand Logo) to “Just Do Dior” as a slogan, and Nike’s famous “Just Do It” slogan echo. This is enough to cause two brands of fans of the strong reaction, I hope they can also launch a joint series. Although it may be just fans wishful thinking, but it seems Dior and Nike cooperation will not bring a sense of violation, luxury fashion and the boundaries between the movement has become increasingly blurred.

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